The World-Cultural-Heritage

in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe

General Field Marshal

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the FRG Berlin


To the EU Brussels

Luebeck, 11 April 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

Self do, self have!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sirs, Dear Readers,

You and others wanted to continue the game without limits at my expense and, of course, at the expense of the weakest in the cycle of life with your paragraph § 218?

I do not entirely agree with this, because you and others like you are not equal and serious "playmates" for my person! You or others are hereby reminded once again of reality and you and all those affected will have to accept this reality sooner or later, regardless of which culture you belong to!

Once again, road works are being announced in my neighbourhood, by whoever, directly on my block of flats, but now my person is announcing road and plumbing works for this Protestant psycho Hanseatic city and not only that! For decades, you and others have always had many opportunities to find clarity in this matter, but in the end, your primitive behaviour means that you and others can't think of anything better than to work yourselves off as usual on the weakest of the weak in the cycle of life!

And now you and others are getting to know me!

Roadworks will indeed be necessary, even if it is only a necessary educational measure here in Luebeck and in Copenhagen! Road works are now being ordered throughout Luebeck and Copenhagen by breaking open the sewer network of the cities mentioned every 1000 metres in order to interrupt these thick concrete pipes of the sewer system by 2 metres and then to fill up this opening of the construction site again!

The sewerage system will eventually overflow for this reason, like the passing of time, but you will be reminded of this every day!

As the called-upon Authority, we are not dependent on your filthy castles in Berlin and Copenhagen; keep your rubbish and your stench!  

You will learn to beg on your knees if the King or the Emperor wants to stay in a castle and to furnish a palace, by which the safety of mankind will be ensured! You will also ask my person to accept the publicly demanded pocket money and if you forget or if your falsehood and cowardice once again overcomes you and others to recognise the title of my person, then that will come to a bang! Otherwise, my person will consider whether to accept her earnings or give a damn for the pocket money!

My person has not been dependent on your and other people's goodwill for a long time and that never will be in the future, so you or others had better not forget that, you sick want-to-be! There are enough other and even more beautiful castles in the world, so the Authorities are not dependent on such a cheap and dirty place of your castles, because strictly speaking the world does not have such a place at all that would really fit, you sick creatures of God!

This certainly doesn't mean that the would-be have to make themselves at home in a castle any longer and stay there without the permission of the Authorities, quite the opposite! The current residents of the castle will be obliged to rent a block of flats, just as my person has been living in a block of flats for decades and every ordinary citizen!

You will immediately instruct all master plumbers to hire and train young people for the profession of plumber, so that the Empress's, my person, order can be properly carried out by first dismantling the toilet bowls and the associated toilet flushing systems throughout Luebeck and Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

Every affected household will have to buy a watering can and a chamber pot. The blue helmets are now also on the agenda to check the progress of these ordered actions and to keep order in the matter, which includes a lot more. 

At this point, unemployed young people and young men will also have to be trained immediately as German soldiers and will also be needed, as these young people are in great demand to support the blue helmets with shotguns!

The next city is Berlin and Brussels in the event of a refusal to obey orders in this regard, with one week being the measure of all things for the start* of implementation in this matter!

Remember: You and others should never again forget what our ancestors showed us: 

Self do, self have!

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: And if you, as the Danish ambassadors have become too poor for the Autorities or, too cowardly and too vile, then there is surely another guard in the world that could and will form the Royal Staff!