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Expert Opinion

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Newspaper Publishers in Germany

And Worldwide

Please be fair for once and publish this Expert Opinion!

Luebeck, 8/9 February 2022

The German-language document you may find here!

Eighth Commandment: You shalt not bear false Witness against thy Neighbour.

Has the Church in Germany already established the Eleventh Commandment in the Synodal Way, which reads:

Every man for himself! 

This is now the final social result and outcome of the entire clergy in Germany, which has not turned emphatically and permanently against the devil, because now the devil is falling from all sides on the very person who has always carried out his office and his work conscientiously and questioned it, which many people in his immediate environment could confirm!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, Dear Lawyers and Prosecutors, Dear Clergy, Dear Readers,

It is actually unbearable that such easy-to-see-through machinations should bring down a true Pope, so that the Roman Catholic Church had to be equally shaken in order to be able to maintain itself at a low level through the synodal path. However, a renewal of the true Church has indeed been inevitable and overdue for a very long time, but certainly not through generosity of an ambiguity.  
One might think one has embarked on a robber and gendarme story, even if one were to read the approximately 1900-page expert opinion of the cases of abuse of children or sexual violence.

The moral fallout by the abuse cases was indeed in the hands of the church itself for years, as a journalist with a doctorate from the radio station Deutschlandfunk published, but the fallout of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was in the hands and determined solely by the employees of the law firm that became known.

It is actually quite clear that such an expert opinion, as a kind of pro rata indictment, is difficult to understand for everyone, including the lawyers, through assumptions or suppositions that can be proven by protocols, and will also be difficult to understand in part, which a 94-year-old Pope Emeritus could indeed misunderstand or he could misunderstand the editorial form of the expert opinion.

The fact that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, at his advanced age, even entered into the level of this publicly made form of accusation, primarily through the still existing and handed over protocols in writing, he did so exclusively for the sake of finding the truth but certainly not in order to "get stuck" with a stupid lie!

That Pope Benedict XVI was and is in KNOWLEDGE that protocols of the cases of abuse at that time have been kept and that also contemporary witnesses will still be alive who could testify to one thing or another, he will certainly have known.

And now my person wonders why you and others do not ask yourselves:

Why should he of all people, who probably has nothing or very little to reproach himself for in his life, deliberately put down the untruth in writing, although he will know that these protocols exist and that there could also be contemporary witnesses who are also committed to the truth?

You and others can hardly consider such a personality to be so simple-minded, or can you? It is therefore obvious to everyone that there must have been a misunderstanding, which of course now reflects very negatively on the Pope, as he now has to explain himself. He did so by immediately correcting himself and apologising for it, stressing that there had been no malicious intent BEHIND it, but that it had been an editorial oversight.

He was also able to immediately confirm the case of priest X in the abuse cases by his participation at that time in the ecclesiastical hearing regarding the accommodation and referral of priest X to therapeutic treatment, whereby there are many kinds of psychological disorders and not only cases of abuse were the order of the day, which after all was almost 40 years ago and he would now first like to study the page-long reports or expert opinions in order to comment on this again in writing!

The fact that his first statement had to be a misunderstanding in some form of a very decisive statement, if one had the corresponding certified protocol in front of him, could actually be clearly recognised or at least suspected by everyone involved, but also by every layman involved!

Unfortunately, a law firm with several lawyers for the defence could not clearly recognise or suspect this, quite the contrary, this was obviously a good fodder for such people, especially since the great public and the public prosecutor could be informed immediately!
A respectable law firm should definitely have consulted again by delivering a certified copy to the 94-year-old Pope Emeritus, perhaps even in person, so that no such misunderstandings could have arisen publicly and he could have corrected his statement immediately!

The fact that you and all the other journalists are not even ashamed, but on the contrary, even journalists with a doctorate are saying really naughty things about Pope Benedict in the talk shows, that is unfortunately nothing new, but already has something very dubious about it!

Nobody is ashamed any more, quite the contrary, because when one of the aforementioned lawyers publicly published this "sensation" with the TV camera running in a really highly educated, modest and calm manner, by indirectly presenting Pope Benedict XVI as a liar, and this law firm could certainly count on the fact that this sensation will also be a good fodder for the press, in that everyone will now point the finger at the liar because of the abuse cases, such a lawyer could present this pathetic show on the back of Pope Benedict XVI to the outraged public!

Furthermore, however, the Pope's statement made a distinction between sexual abuse and exhibitionism, which also inflamed passions, although strictly speaking it will make a difference to the child victim whether one is directly touched or shocked by an exhibitionist and his self-promotion, who obviously needs the attention of weaker people.

And if you take these and other things and distinctions very seriously, then as a rule you also take the truth very seriously, which has always been true for the Pope and is still true today but which, strangely enough, only a few who know or knew Pope Benedict XVI have publicly stated*.

Only one bishop, Bishop Oster, has publicly stood up for the Pope Emeritus and was very surprised about an alleged "lie" of the Pope; presumably  he* was only one of the many German bishops, whose to the contrary* demanded an apology from Pope Benedict XVI because of his alleged mistakes in the abuse cases! Only if one has not made any mistakes in the matter, then one cannot and should not apologise for mistakes of which one was not informed correctly or at all, in that one should have taken responsibility, if one's own omissions had been present!

Of course, the question of a possible revocation of his honorary citizenship was immediately raised in Pope Benedict XVI's home diocese, especially in his home diocese of Traunstein in the circle of the Regensburg city council.

That not even the hometown of Maerktl was behind its Pope and the citizens did not question the alleged lie and were not surprised that this misunderstanding, which makes the Pope out to be a liar, was not cleared up in advance of the publication, but that a scapegoat was to be sought and found for all those involved, especially those from the clergy's own ranks and for those who were involved in the Pope's moral fall, that is sad.

But that`s Bavaria all over!!

Always pointing the finger at others first and then picking on the wrong people, probably to make themselves important! One should definitely do without such honorary citizenship and be glad that one does not have to be an honorary citizen among such a stupid people!

Pope Benedict XVI will be rather sad about this, and if my person understood the message of the Pope Emeritus correctly, then he let the local diocese know through Archbishop Gaenswein,* his confidant, that he wanted to study the expert opinion again and pray for the community of the diocese and not, as was partly published afterwards by the media, that he wanted to pray explicitly for the victims of abuse, but for all!

And even that was knowingly interpreted somewhat differently by some of the media in order to present the Pope in a different light, which basically could not and did not need to be made clear, as otherwise one could have offended or even insulted the victims, and so it was left at that, but even that some muckrakers of the press at least wanted to try!

Not to mention the sometimes almost mystical photos or unflattering pictures on the Internet or the TV of Pope Benedict XVI, which were also deliberately shown on the Internet, for example like someone "turning away or covering up" and thus the anger and mistrust of the population was visibly stirred up by the media!

You can do that with a dumbed-down people!

This is what my person calls a psychologically controlled filth of the subconscious for people without a sure judgement, and that is quite obviously the great mass!

That these and other so-called persons are not even ashamed!

Such sensation-seeking smear-mongers and muckrakers then say to themselves: "What a law firm can do, we've been able to do for a long time, haven't we?"! There is already a corresponding letter in the case of partisan disputes or court orders for a possible future, whereby independent experts, jurors as well as judges or public prosecutors, but also true clergymen should be available for an assessment and judgement.

The consequence for such above mentioned methods of a law firm, which is also supported by the public prosecutor's office, must be the prohibition of such a questionable profession or such a guild as a lawyer in a possible future, because through the suffering of others a highly questionable, highly educated group of people can make a name for themselves and thereby a lot of money can change hands or new suffering can be created, in which proportionally the lawyer is very often involved, whereby quite obviously the law and the truth will only be secondary, if not even third-rate, and that is not at all possible!

Only for the end of time will a lawyer and a notary clarify and classify the given ownership of the citizens and then set the necessary course for a reorientation of the population for a possible new beginning. And journalism, too, must be able to keep its tools clean, because after all, the cases of abuse have not just been around since yesterday. If my person should have understood it correctly through Marcus Lanz's talk show, 100,000 cases of abuse have allegedly become known in France.

If you and others in the FRG have been professionally involved in the abuse cases, then my person wonders why the alarm is only being sounded now and what you have been getting your money for for years.

Answer: To be able to attack the or a head of the church first and then, for whatever reason, to bring the church to its knees or even checkmate it? After all, one has to earn one's money for something, doesn't one, by which one can then justify one's very questionable performance quite well!

Remember: You shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour!

How about this for once?

Of course, the women of Maria 2.0 as mothers and housewives are now also hitting the dirty books, because the favour of the hour through the said expert opinion on the cases of abuse has also struck for the synodal path, but presumably also so that these caring mothers or grandmothers of the end times will calm down again and may dabble at the altar!

P. p.

Ursula Sabisch


HP: You as a law firm will please apologise to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for your actions immediately and publicly via TV, which should also preferably apply to Cardinal Reinhard Marx, otherwise you and many others will experience what it must be like to be falsely and publicly accused, in that you and your ilk will have the crap publicly foisted on you by others!

You have already earned this lesson as the aforementioned law firm, but the lesson for the aforementioned Cardinal Marx, who now praised the Pope through yesterday's publicly made announcement by means of his confidant, Archbishop Gaenswein*, and on the sidelines also publicly schoolmastered him, this lesson will certainly turn out to be somewhat different!

*10 February 2022. On 8 June 2022* Document corrected! /11 July 2022*